Cordless homecare system Kobold VB100

Conveniently clean

Kobold VB100 is the cordless and more simple version of the homecare system Kobold VK200. This is the right choice for all who want to have a clean home, but without too much effort. Kobold VB100 not only looks slim and elegant. It is also very easy to handle. It can be used on all floor types. It was certified by German TŰV Nord as being suitable for people suffering from allergies. 
Attachments and functionality of Kobold VB100 and Kobold VK200 are very similar, partly identical. So, the question arises what are the differences and which of them is recommendable in which case. Therefore, we highlight the most relevant differences and make some recommendations.

Size and weight

VB100 is much slimmer and lighter than VK200. The weight of the body with electric brush is 3.3 kg compared with 4.8 kg of VK200. The width of the body is 11 cm compared with 21 cm of VK200. The length is very similar, but VK200 can be adjusted and reduced to 85 cm compared with 100 cm of VB100. 

As a consequence, VB100 is more convenient to use and looks very elegant. 

From our point of view, the weight is not so important. All attachments have rolls. Thus, the cleaners have not to be carried - at least when moving on the same floor. 

Power makes the difference

In terms of power, VK200 and VB100 operate in very different categories: The maximum air flow of VK200 is 44.5 liters/second which is more than double the 21 liters/second of VB100.

On floors, the cleaning power is not so evident because VB100's electric brush is very effective. So, on hard floors VB100 has no disadvantage. On tatami and carpets VK200 is stronger. But VK200 can be harder to move on carpets due to the very strong air flow. In such case, power level "soft" is recommended.

The biggest advantage of VK200 is when cleaning above floor. Especially on mattresses and futons it is much stronger than VB100 - very important for people suffering from allergies.

Decisive: Filter system

Both, VK200 and VB100 received the TŰV certifcate for allergy sufferers. Nevertheless, for us the filter system is the most important difference.

The VK200 filter bags (2.2 liters) are nearly 3 times bigger than the VB100 filter bags (0.8 liters). The fleece material is the same, but the closure of the VK200 filter bags is much tighter.

So, for people suffering from allergies and for people having a larger space to vacuum, VK200 offers definitvely an important advantage.

Battery vs power cord

The pros and cons are obvious. Cordless means liberty of moving, also outside (for example for cleaning in the car). So, to vacuum with a cordless is clearly more convenient and also faster.

On the other hand, batteries have a limited operating time. For VB100 we recommend to have a second battery. The battery change is easy and is done in a few seconds.

It also has to be considered that a battery is costly and has to be replaced some time.

Simple vs sophisticated

VB100 is simple and straightforward. VK200 is definitely more sophisticated and offers various convenient features.

Quite important under ergonomic aspects is the possibility to adjust the length of the VK200 handle acoording to the size of the user. Adding and removing attachment can be done via remote release while for VB100 it is necessary to bend down. The VK200 handle also includes several functional buttons for example to operate the hard floor cleaner SP600. And VK200 with electric brush EB400 have an automatic floor detection with automatic adjustment of the suction power. Just to name a few features...

President's recommendation

For people who are keen on deep hygiene and who suffer from allergies, Kobold VK200 is the first option. Suction power and tight filter system are most important for them. But they should check whether the weight of VK200 is ok for them and whether they can manage VK200 reasonably.

For all people who are keen on convenience but nevertheless want a clean home, Kobold VB100 is the preference. So, please have a look at the alternatives below.

VB100 EBPB set
The basis for a clean home

This is the basis for a clean home: Clean floors as well as clean bedding and upholstery.

Kobold VB100 with the electric brush Kobold EBB100 is suitable for all floor types. Kobold PBB100 with integrated electric hose is for cleaning futons, mattresses, cushions, bedding, upholstery and similar objects.

VB100 SP sets
Wiping and sucking hard floors

Kobold SPB100 is an attachment for cleaning all types of hard floors. It is sucking loose dust and at the same time it is wiping the floor with a microfibre cloth. 

You can choose between 4 levels of liquidity to accomodate different floor types as laminate, wood, stone or others. Preparation and after care are very easy.

VB100 Accessories
For many occasions

Kobold VB100 accessories are identical with VK200. However, a specific non-electric hose SB100 is needed to connect with the main body.

The nozzles are suitable for cleaning a wide range of objects above floor, such as air conditioning, lamps, book shelves, pictures, and many more.  

With the help of an extention tube objects up to 3m high can be cleaned conveniently.