Ideal: Conceived in Germany - Made in Germany

Ideal is a brand of the company Krug&Priester. It was founded in 1951 by Wilhelm Krug and Ludwig Priester in Balingen/South-Western Germany. Krug&Priester started with manufacturing, repairing and trading office machines.

Within 10 years, cutting machines and document shredders under the brand Ideal became the 2 pillars of the company. By 1998, Ideal was the world's leading manufacturer for professional document shredders and small-format cutting machines.

In 2014, with the Ideal Health Division, a third division was established which focussed on air purifiers. In 2017, Ideal AP60 PRO was launched - the first air purifier made in Balingen. In 2019, AP40 PRO was awarded "Product of the Year" in Germany.

Nowadays, Krug&Priester is still a family owned company with head office and production in the small town of Balingen. It has 450 employees world-wide and is represented in 140 countries.

Made in Germany - Committed to the Local Area

Ideal is made in Balingen, in Germany's beautiful Southwest. The famous impressive castle Hohenzollern is just a few kilometres away.

Krug&Priester is what we in Germany call "bodenständig", deeply committed to the local area. 70% of all parts are from Balingen or from a place less than 100 km away, 90% less than 250 km away. This ensures excellent relationship with partners, close cooperation and in the end superior technical solutions and high quality.

Quality through Technology and Teamwork

Germany's Southwest is characterised by many, often quite small companies - partly world-famous, partly so-called Hidden Champions. They combine down-to-earth entrepreneurship with traditional craftmanship, teamwork and innovative technology. This is how they achieve high quality and customer satisfaction.

This is equally true for Ideal: Thus, products produced in Balingen have a return rate of just 0.2%.

Sustainable from Product Development to Recycling

What makes Ideal products sustainable? This is a holistic approach including elements such as: 

Ideal products

  • are designed to be used over many years. Availability of repair material and consumables is guaranteed until 15 years after production stop.
  • are produced locally avoiding far away transportation and use low-emission carriers like railways.
  • reduce consumption of water, energy and raw materials in production.
  • can be disassembled and repaired easily.
  • have low energy consumption, even when used 24 hours on 7 days per week.
  • can be recycled if they should not be used anymore.

Simple. Excellent.

Ideal products such as the air purifier AP40 PRO avoid fancy, nice-to-have gadgets.

Instead, they focus on the essential customer benefits: Functionality, performance, quality/long life, energy saving, appealing design.

Take Ideal AP40 PRO as an example: Small size, quiet operation, strong cleaning performance filtering out a large variety of pollutants, low energy consumption, good-looking.

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