Toaster ritter volcano5

  More than just a toaster

At first sight, volcano5 attracts by its slim and elegant design. A true gem for every kitchen. 
When having a closer look, volcano5 convinces through numerous useful functions. A product truly following German Bauhaus principles.


You can choose between 9 different grades of toasting (indicated by LED lights). The memory function remembers and uses your last choice as a default.

Frozen bread can be thawed and toasted in one go. Bread once toasted and got cold can be warmed up (without toasting again, just avoiding to burn the bread).


The slot is 24cm long. So, 2 toasts of up to 12cm length and a width of up to 2cm can be toasted side by side.

Thinner toasts will be automatically positioned in the middle of the slot. So, the toasts will get equally brown from both sides.

Crispy again

Your rolls and bakeries are not so fresh anymore?

Just pull out the rack and place them on top. And they will be crispy again.

Hygiene made easy

It is important to regularly clean your toaster. 

Most of the bread crumbs are caught in a small drawer. Just pull out, empty and wipe out. So easy.


The toaster's surface is made of genuine glass. This looks elegant and is easy to clean.

Even more important: The glass is heat resistant and prevents you from getting burnt.

Protects our climate

Like all ritter kitchen appliances we offer, also volcano5 has received the Blue Angel certificate.

This confirms that volcano5 is recognized as energy-efficient.

Also good to know

For safety reasons ritter volcano5 is equipped with a 3-pole plug.

For your convenient use we add a 2-pole adapter.

My personal toaster

volcano's surface is printable. We offer the choice to print on one side or both sides.

This might be interesting espacially for hotels and similar organisations to show their logo or personalised pictures. In such case please approach us for the conditions.

Two colours

volcano5 is available in white and black.

Important to know


Size:       ​

Width 38.5 cm; height 20 cm; depth 9 cm


3 kg

Power consumption/Voltage:

900 Watt/100V

Length of power cord: ​

Approximately 100 cm

Material: ​ ​ ​ ​

Heat resistant glass (surface); stainless steel (inside); polypropylene


2-pole adapter

Warranty: ​ ​​

1 year

Price (tax included) ​:

33,000 Yen (suggested retail price)

President's recommendation

ritter volcano5 looks so elegant that we want users to show it standing at a nice place. 

However, space in many kitchens is limited. volcano5 is just 9cm thin. It will fit into a normal drawer. So, you can save space.