Solar Light Sonnenglas®︎

Practical. Sustainable. Beautiful.

Designed and produced using cutting-edge green technology, Sonnenglas products convert solar energy into a uniquely soft, warm light. The sunlight is collected through the lid (solar top), which has a highly efficient energy conversion function, is stored in a rechargeable lithium battery, and is emitted as sustainable and environmentally friendly clean light from the built-in LED.  
The core of Sonnenglas is the powerful SOMO solar module. It can be used independently and is small enough to be taken anywhere. Attached to the glass jar, it is a beautiful lantern with day/night sensor to be enjoyed in- and outdoor. The jar can be decorated individually with small treasures, holiday memories or other nice things.

Sunshine Appreciated

Sonnenglas is a solar powered light for up to 120 hours continuous usage (if fully charged and dependent on the chosen level of brightness). It is equipped with 6 highly efficient LEDs. They produce a flicker-free soft, warm light (3,000 Kelvin).

Sonnenglas will be best charged in direct sunshine. Alternatively, it also can be charged via USB-C cable. The battery level is displayed in the colours green, orange and red. 

For many Occasions

Sonnenglas is extremely helpful in emergency situations (power outage). It also can be enjoyed at many outdoor activities like camping or on the terrace/in the garden. And nicely decorated, it makes every home more beautiful and cozy. 

Or why not choose it as a gift for your loved ones?

As You Like

Sonnenglas is available in 2 sizes: Classic (1,000ml) and Mini (250ml).

The brightness can be adjusted between 5 and 100 Lumen (Sonnenglas Classic) or between 5 and 70 Lumen (Sonnenglas Mini).

Brightness Adjusted

Sonnenglas is equipped with a day/night sensor, operated by a magnetic switch on top of the solar module.

If activated, Sonnenglas will switch on when it is getting dark and switch off when it is getting bright. Also the brightness will be automatically adjusted dependent on the surrounding brightness and on the battery status. 

Sonnenglas in Your Pocket

The SOMO solar module is a palm-sized, renewable energy light source which can be used independently. It is small enough to fit into nearly every pocket or bag, and can be taken anywhere.

So, it is especially suitable for all kind of outdoor activities when no electricity is available.

Be creative!

With your individual decoration it will become your personal Sonnenglas.

Whether seasonal items, memories from your last trip, objects representing your hobby - there are no limits for your creativity.


Sonnenglas is getting its power from the most sustainable source of energy: the sun. Sonnenglas photovoltaic cells were designed in Germany and are among the most efficient world-wide.

Also in other respects Sonnenglas is sustainable and ecological. Most of the components are from recycled materials such as glass, metal or cardboards for the packaging.

Additionally, Sonnenglas offers a re-use program, when the solar module reaches the end of its lifespan.

Fair Trade

Sonnenglas is also a social enterprise. All Sonnenglas products are produced in Johannesburg/South Africa.

At Sonnenglas factory, 

  • 75% of all employees are women.
  • 90% of all employees were formerly unemployed.
  • The starting wage level in the factory is at least twice the local minimum wage level.
  • Working time is 40 hours per week. overtime is voluntary and will be paid.
  • All staff are provided with social insurance including pensions and health insurance.

Sonnenglas stands with those who are convinced that for purchasing a product, considerations about the global environment are as important as functionality, design and quality of the product.

Important to know

Size (L x W x H)

Sonnenglas Classic: 11.5 x 11.5 x 17.5cm

Sonnenglas Mini: 8.5 x 8.5 x 11cm

SOMO Classic: 8.5 x 8.5 x 1.8cm

SOMO Mini: 6 x 6 x 1.8cm


Sonnenglas Classic: 640g

Sonnenglas Mini: 250g

SOMO Classic: 76g

SOMO Mini: 38g

Light output/brightness (Lumen)

Sonnenglas Classic: 5 lm - 100 lm

Sonnenglas Mini: 5 lm - 70 lm

Thermodynamic temperature

3,000 Kelvin

Operating time in hours (fully charged): Brightness low (5 lm) - middle (20 lm) - high (70 lm) - max (100 lm)

Sonnenglas Classic: 120 - 28 - 8 - 5

Sonnenglas Mini: 70 - 18 - 5 - n.a.

Charging time with USB-C

1.5 - 2.5 hours

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President's Recommendation

Sonnenglas is charged best in broad sunlight. Please be aware that windows might reflect much of the sunlight. Thus, it might take considerably longer to fully charge.

In general, daytime brightness varies extremely: On a cloudy winter day brightness is just 500 lux, whereas on a bright summer day it might be 120,000 lux - 240 times more.