Homecare system Kobold VK200

German power for a clean home

Kobold VK200 is heavy, but unbelievable powerful. We highly recommend it for people suffering from allergies. It is certified by German TŰV as being suitable for allergy sufferers. This is thanks to the strong suction power on one hand; on the other hand the extraordinarily tight filter system keeps all the dirt inside and creates a clean air. You will neither touch or inhale any dirt or allergenic particles anymore. At the same time, Kobold VK200 is very energy-efficient. This is true German eco power.
Depending on the living conditions, we offer various attachments - not only for all floor types but also for cleaning above floor. Most important and highly recommended is Kobold PB440 for cleaning mattresses, futons, cushions, bedding and upholstery. 
It is worthwhile to have a closer look at all options.
VK200 EBPB set

The standard set for a clean home

This is the standard set for all with a high demand for hygiene in their home, especially for those suffering from allergies.

The set includes the electric brush Kobold EB400 which is suitable for all floor types and Kobold PB440 for cleaning mattresses, futons, cushions, bedding and upholstery.

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VK200 SP sets

Wiping and sucking hard floors

Kobold SP600 is an attachment for cleaning all types of hard floors. It is sucking loose dust and at the same time it is wiping the floor with a microfibre cloth. 

You can choose between 4 levels of liquidity to accomodate different floor types as laminate, wood, stone or others. Preparation and after care are very easy.

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VK200 Accessories

For many occasions

VK200 accessories include several simple, yet very clever nozzles. They are suitable for cleaning a wide range of objects above floor, such as air conditioning, lamps, book shelves, pictures, and many more.  

With the help of an extention tube objects up to 3m high can be cleaned conveniently.

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