Kobold - a German legend

Vorwerk was founded in 1883 in Wuppertal/Germany as a carpet manufacturer. 

Vorwerk's carpets soon gained international reputation, even winning a gold medal at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

In the 1920, Vorwerk expanded and among others produced gramophone drives and small motors.

In 1930, Vorwerk had patented, produced and sold its first vacuum cleaner, Kobold 30. It became such a rapid success that already 4 years later Kobold was Vorwerk's biggest division.

Kobold was named after a goblin, who according to legends helped housewives with all their work in the household. 

In post-war Germany, Kobold became a real legend. It could not just vacuum but also blow and thus dry. Many amazing attachments were developed like hair dryers, fans, paint sprayers and many more.

From Germany, Kobold spread out world-wide. Some 40 years ago, the VK120 series was the first Kobold sold in Japan.

Currently, the Kobold products we have on sale comprise homecare system Kobold VK200, cordless homecare system Kobold VB100, cleaning roboter Kobold VR300, window cleaner Kobold VG100 and handheld cleaner Kobold VC100S.

Nearly 100 years

Current Kobold products are based on nearly 100 years of experience in the development and production of vacuum cleaners.

This is reflected in big innovations, but also in many details which are relevant for the effective and convenient use of Kobold.

Made in Germany

Since the beginning, the VK series and all major motors are produced in Vorwerk's main factory in Wuppertal/Germany. Thus, high quality standards and environmental sustainability are safeguarded.

Hygiene certified

The VK series, the main Kobold product, is best in class in terms of suction power and dust retention/clean air. Thanks to a variety of attachments, the whole home can be thoroughly cleaned. This makes Kobold a valuable tool for all who are keen on deep hygiene in their home, especially for all people suffering from allergies.

Consequently, Kobold VK and VB were analysed by German TŰV and certified as being suitable for persons suffering from allergies.

Long life

Vorwerk usually changes models only if there are new major benefits for customers. In roughly 40 years, there were only 5 Kobold VK models sold in Japan.

And they are famous for being durable. VK120 for example: For 25 years after production stop users were supplied with consumables.

And if there is a new model, it is usually compatible with the former ones. So, old attachments can be used with new cleaners and vice versa.

For our environment

Germany has a reputation of being a pioneer in environmental protection and in sustainable products.

Kobold is following this tradition and saves valuable resources in the whole process from design until recycling/re-using of products. Current Kobold VK200 is a good example for strong performance and at the same time low power consumption, thus energy efficiency.