Please note the latest updates for opening times of our Tokyo showroom:

On 2024/06/26 the showroom is closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

After that, opening times will be regular and in line with the schedule shown below.

Probieren geht über Studieren

( Better try practically than just analyze theoretically)

Since more than 10 years we have our showroom in Daikanyama. And our mascot Koboldino is greeting from the open window, if weather allows.

From the beginning our main purpose has been to give interested people the opportunity to touch & try our products at a place which is easy to reach, and which is attractive. And what is most important: Without any exception we use all products ourselves, often daily. So, we consult our guests about the products with all pros and cons, with all opportunities but also with the limitations each product might have. And in some cases, we offer to rent a product for experiencing under our customers’ own living conditions.

This in our mind, we never felt completely at ease to call our place “showroom”. Therefore, we now name it "Lebensraum" (the room for living). We use our products for having a nice, healthy living atmosphere in our “Lebensraum”. And we want to support our customers with having a cozy, healthy living atmosphere in their home.

Touch & Try

All our products are for use and trial. We want our customers to know beforehand what they are buying. We want to prevent our customers from being surprised afterwards. We want satisfied customers.

Sustainable. Beautiful.


Solar-powered light. Up to 120 hours continuous lighting.

2 sizes available (1,000 ml; 250 ml).

For emergencies, outdoor activities or interior decoration.

Also chargeable via USB.

Brightness adjustable. Day/night sensor.

Separate use of solar module possible.

Fair Trade project.

NEW! On sale in our Tokyo/Daikanyama showroom.

Try at home

For some products we offer rental. So currently for our cleaning robot Kobold VR300. As every home is different, we think it is worthwhile to test a robot before buying. It is free of charge if you pick up from and return to the showroom.

For details, please click the button.

Rent VR300 at Tokyo Showroom

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

With our German background, we want to represent a little bit Germany, German technology and German culture. 

If you are interested in Germany or want to speak German a bit, we are very happy to welcome you.  

Frohes Fest

Sometimes we use seasonal festivities like Christmas for decorating accordingly and for making small events. This is for sharing and enjoying. At such occasions we do not sell our products.

We love children

Children are always welcome. They will always find some interesting toy to play with for a while.

Opening Hours

Monday  10:00 - 18:00​

Tuesday     ​Closed​

Wednesday  ​​10:00 - 18:00

Thursday   10:00 - 18:00

Friday  ​ ​ ​​10:00 - 18:00

Saturday  ​ ​​ ​11:00 - 18:00

Sunday  ​ ​ ​ ​11:00 - 18:00

We are very easy to reach, just 3 minutes from Daikanyama station.

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