Air Purifier Ideal AP40 PRO

Pure Air - Pure Life

Small, quiet, powerful.
Whether at home or at the workplace, most of us spend up to 90% of the day in closed spaces. Therefore we should pay utmost attention to the quality of the air in our rooms. The powerful Ideal AP40 PRO air purifier removes everything which pollutes your air - reliably and quietly. 
Ideal AP40 PRO stands out with its quiet running mode - just 16.7 dB(A) at quiet mode.  Nevertheless it is so powerful to exchange the entire room air within 11 minutes. The 360° filter with 5 layers captures both large and small particles, as well as gases and molecules. Also the so-called MPPS (most penetrating particle size) are filtered. These are the most difficult to remove particles with a size of 0.1 to 0.3 micrometres. Overall, the cleaning performance is 99.99%. Therefore, Ideal AP40 PRO is recommended for allergy sufferers. Certified by ECARF.

Maximum Power

Ideal AP40 PRO's flow-optimised air routing and its highly efficient radial fan allow a high airflow with perfect control.

This air purifier is very powerful with 433.3m³ per hour (CADR = Clean Air Delivery Rate). The air of a 30m² room with a height of 2.4 metres will be completely exchanged within 11 minutes.

AP40 PRO is suitable for rooms up to 50m² - ideal for private homes, offices and clinics.

360° Smart Filter

The 360° filter consists of 5 layers guaranteeing optimum filtering at maximum air throughput. The circular shape ensures optimal use of every filter surface.

Ideal AP40 PRO automatically informs you, when to change the 360° filter. On an average, the 360° filter has to be changed after 12 months, based on continuous 7/24 operation, depending on the intensity of the usage.

Layer by Layer towards Clean Air

Each of the 5 layers of the 360° filter contributes to your pure air with a 99.99% cleaning performance (at 0.2μm in line with standard DIN 71460-1):

01 The pre-filter screen encompasses the 360° multilayer filter and removes dirt and debris such as hair, fluff and dust.

02 The pre-filter layer filters out the coarse particulate matter and extends the service life of the HEPA fine particulate filter.

03 The HEPA microfibre layer filters even respirable and ultra-fine particles (PM2.5, PM0.3).

04 The activated carbon layer neutralises even chemical substances, NO², ozone and the strongest of odours.

05 The cover layer protects the high proportion of activated carbon.

Suitable for Allergy Sufferers

The 360° multi layer filter captures pollutants such as dust, particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5 and minor), pollen and acarid allergens, pathogens such as bacteria and mould spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes (also NO²), chemical vapours (Formaldehyde, Toluol, n-Butane, VOC,...) and odours from the indoor air.

Ideal AP40 PRO is certified as allergy friendly (in accordance with ISO 11155, DIN EN 1822 and VDA 270) by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) thanks to its high filter quality.

Smart Air

The Ideal AP40 PRO air sensors measure odours as well as particles. 

Thus, they continuously calculate the air quality and in Auto mode control the optimum performance of Ideal AP40 PRO.

As Quiet as a Whisper

Ideal AP40 PRO is outstanding with its ultra quiet operation. At quiet mode, the noise level is just 16.7 dB(A).

For optimum performance we recommend the AUTO mode. Beside that, you can choose among 5 different power modes

Superior Technology

Why is Ideal AP40 PRO more quite than nearly any other air cleaner in the market?

The ventilator (with motor and rotor) was specially developed for Ideal and is made as one piece from high-tech composite material. This results in excellent aerodynamics and extraordinarily quiet running. With a reduced rotation speed a maximum performance is achieved.

In addition, the GreenTech EC motor with its excellent energy efficiency and its compact design contributes to the quiet running of the ventilator.

Easy to Control

The EASY-Touch control is designed intuitively and attractively. The measured air quality is indicated in a three-colour code via LED.

In combination with the remote control, all major functions like the 5 power levels, timer and child lock can be operated conveniently.

Suitable for Medical Facilities

Ideal AP40 PRO was microbiologically and mycologically tested. It was also tested for fine dust and particle filtration (as per VDI Guideline 6022). Thanks to the quiet operation it causes no acoustic nuisance. The units can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

For Your Attractive Home

Ideal AP40 PRO is not bigger than a waste paper basket and fits to virtually every room and interior.

AP40 PRO is delivered with a washable premium textile cover/prefilter made of high quality textile fabric. Alternatively, as an option, the air purifier can be covered by washable textiles available in 7 different colours.

So, make your home cleaner and more beautiful with Ideal AP40 PRO.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Ideal AP40 PRO helps to save energy due to its low power consumption (between 5W and 55W). 

AP40 PRO is designed for long-term use. It is repairable and the supply of parts is guaranteed by the maker for 15 years after production stop.

AP40 PRO is made in Germany with a production depth of nearly 90%.

Important to know

Size (L x W x H):       ​

298 x 255 x 398mm



Suitable for rooms:​ ​

​Up to 50m² (with a room height of 2.5m)

Max. air flow rate (CADR):​ ​


Time for air exchange (30m² ; 2.40m room height):

11 min.

Power supply:

100 - 120V 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:

5W - 55W

Noise level (Quiet mode):​

​16.7 dB(A)

Noise level (Turbo mode): ​ ​ ​ ​

61.7 dB(A)

Accessories included:

Remote control, premium textile cover

Warranty: ​ ​​

2 years

Price (tax included) ​:

132,000 yen (suggested retail price)

President's Recommendation

Ideal AP40 PRO is very sensitive. If operated in Auto mode and pollution or bad smell is sensed, AP40 PRO will increase the power level to eliminate them as fast as possible. This is ideal for the room climate. So, we recommend the use of Auto mode.

However, if this is too noisy for you, then just switch to a manual mode convenient for you.