Window cleaner Kobold VG100

One wipe - finished

Normally there are 3 steps for window cleaning: Spraying detergent - wiping - sucking/removing the dirt. Kobold VG100 does everything in 1 step. Streak-free clean. Suitable for all even glass surfaces like windows, mirrors and glass tables. Easy preparation, easy cleaning, easy maintenance.
With the optional extension pole even windows up to 3 m high can be cleaned.

Unique design - unique functionality

Who would have recognized this as a window cleaner?

But not only the design is unique, the functionality is even more astonishing: With only a short preparation, windows and other glass surfaces are cleaned streak-free with one wipe!

Clean with one wipe

It is so easy: Just slowly and with slight pressure wipe in straight lines froom thee topp to the bottom. The microfibre cloth with the highly effective detergent Kobold GC100 will loosen and absorb the dirt, The dirty water is sucked in and collected in the tank inside.

In case windows have not been cleaned for a long time and very sticky dirt is attached, it might be necessary to repeat the procedure one or two times.

Not only in spring and at year end

In Germany, clean windows are an important sign of hygiene. Sunshine will reveal the slightest dirt on the window pane. At the same time, for most people window cleaning is a nuisance. They do not like it.

So, it is natural that a German company developed such a high-class, easy-to-use window cleaner.

Up, up and clean

With the optional extension pole, windows up to 3 metres high can be cleaned. The pole is light (aluminium), expandable and the angle is automatically adjusting when moving Kobold VG100 down the window pane.

The pole is very easily attached to and detached from the window cleaner.

Fast preparation

Just attach the microfibre cloth (self-adhesive), pour only 5 ml of the cleaning concentrate GC100 into the tank, fill up with water and insert the tank. Important: Kobold VG100 must be placed horizontally on the tray.

After inserting, the contents of the tank will be distributed on the microfibre cloth. Wait 1 minute. Ready.

One tank-fill is sufficient for roughly 20 of window pane.

Fast after-care

The tank has 2 chambers. One for fresh water, one for waste water. Just open, pour out the dirty water, rinse and let dry.

The micro-fibre cloth can be washed by hand or in the washing machine with water up to  60° hot if available. We recommend to wash directly after usage.

The green rubber wiper blade can be pulled out and cleaned. If it is already damaged by rough dirt, it can be turned around and used from the backside before finally replacing it.

Environmentally-friendly and economical

For cleaning 20 m² only 5 ml of detergent are needed. A 200 ml bottle is enough for cleaning 40 times.

The environment and your purse say "Thank You".

By the way: the cleaning concentrate GC100 is solvent-free and skin-tolerant.

Important to know


Size of body:       ​

Length 29 cm; width 14 cm; height 11 cm

Weight of the body:


AC adapter input voltage:

AC100 V 50/60 Hz

AC adapter output voltage:

DC10.8 V

Motor output:​

30 W

Material: ​ ​ ​ ​

High quality recycable plastic


Maintenance-free DC motor (approximately 18,000 rpm)


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (replaceable)

Charging time:

Approximately 6 hours (from empty to full)

Operating time:

Approximately 30 min


Tray, microfibre cloth MF100 (2 pieces), concentrate GC100 (200 ml), AC adapter

Warranty: ​ ​​

2 years

Price (tax included) ​:

40,700 yen (suggested retail price)

President's recommendation

If at the beginning, the corners of the microfiber cloth are still somewhat dry, slightly press Kobold VG100 against the glass surface to support the distribution of the liquid on the cloth.

If you experience streaks on the window after cleaning, the reason might be some dirt particles stucked between the green rubber wiper blade and the grey lip of VG100. In such case, shortly wipe the blade with a cloth.

Kobold VG100 should not be used at temperatures below 5°.

Kobold VG100 is made for cleaning even glass surfaces. But our users made also good cleaning experiences on tiles (kitchen, bathroom) and on coated surfaces such as kitchen furniture or window sills. Just try.