Handheld cleaner Kobold VC100S

For every occasion

The handheld cleaner Kobold VC100S attracts attention through its stylish design. But even more important, it is ergonomically extremely well balanced and it is 650g light. Thus, it is really easy to handle. At the same time, it is surprisingly powerful. So, it is always at hand for many small, but important occasions. 

Always good looking

Whether hanging, standing or lying, Kobold VC100S always looks stylish and fits to every home.

Easy to handle

Kobold VC100S is 650g light. Moreover, it is ergonomically optimised with its user-friendly weight distribution: the centre of gravity (battery, motor) is in the grip. So when using it, you feel really comfortable.

Clean everywhere

The VC100S set includes a nozzle for narrow spaces and a small brush. With them, it is possible to conveniently clean also areas which otherwise are difficult to reach.

On default, cleaning will be done on the normal power level. This is good enough in most cases. If exceptionally more suction power is needed, keep the green button pressed for boost.


Kobold VC100S is equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion battery. On the normal power level, the battery will last for about 20 minutes. The stylish LED shower indicates the battery charging status.

The handy cleaner will be charged when attached to the stand.

Easy to maintain

The filter can be easily removed from the body and the dirt can be emptied into a dust bin.

For using the filter over a longer period of time, we recommend to brush or even better suck the filter regularly.

Important to know


Size of body:       ​

Length 42 cm; diameter 8.2 cm (plus 0.8 cm when attached to the charger)

Weight of the body:

650 g

Dust collection volume:​ ​

​Approximately 200 ml

AC adapter input voltage:

AC100 V 50/60 Hz

AC adapter output voltage:

DC10.8 V

Motor output:​

65 W

Material: ​ ​ ​ ​

High quality recycable plastic


Maintenance-free DC motor (approximately 23,000 rpm)

Maximum air flow:

12 l/sec.

Dust emission:

Approximately 0.001 mg/m3 (compliant with IEC60312)


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (not replaceable)

Charging time:

Approximately 5 hours (from empty to full)

Operating time:

Normal: 20 min; boost: 12 min.


Nozzle set NC10; charging stand, AC adapter

Warranty: ​ ​​

1 year

Price (tax included) ​:

14,960 yen (suggested retail price)

President's recommendation

After usage, we recommend to attach Kobold VC100S directly to the charging stand. So you ensure that you have your handheld cleaner always at hand when you need it. 

You will be amazed in how many cases you can use your small Kobold. With the brush attached, it is for example excellent for cleaning your keyboard.

By the way: In Germany we call Kobold VC100S jokingly "Krümelmonster". This is the (small) monster that eliminates all bread crumbs.