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2023/12/7 ​We are online with our new website and our new online shop!

2024/2/10 ​Special offer for all who use Kobold VB100: Hardfloor cleaner set SPB100

2024/4/14 NEW! Solar-powered light  Sonnenglas®︎ on sale in our Tokyo/Daikanyama showroom.

Our Products

Our products are mainly for helping you to have a clean, hygienic and healthy home and life. With our German background we concentrate on German products which represent the principles of German Engineering (Meisterstück). Germany is a country which is well aware of environmental threats & issues and well advanced in environmental technology. 

Our requirements for products we offer to our customers are:

  • Attractive, straightforward functional design without distraction from unnecessary features or elements. We highly appreciate German Bauhaus principles.
  • Superior performance and efficiency.
  • Easy handling by a wide range of users (including for example senior people, handicapped).
  • Safe.
  • High quality, long life and easy maintenance.
  • As environmentally friendly as possible (materials, production process, energy efficient during usage, low consumption of consumables, re-use/recycle at the end of the life cycle).

All our products we use ourselves. So, we advise you on the use of the products based on our own experience.

Hygiene - Made in Germany

Homecare System Kobold VK200 is heavy, but unbelievably powerful for creating a clean and healthy home.

Especially recommended for a​ll who suffer from allergies. 

Certified by German TŰV.

Convenient and clean

Cordless homecare system Kobold VB100 is the right tool for all who like it convenient, but nevertheless want a clean home. With various optional attachments for your specific situation.

Certified as suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Smart and thorough

Robot cleaner Kobold VR300 creates a map of your home with zones and no-go lines. With the help of the laser navigation system it will clean all reachable areas systematically.

Controlled by your smart phone from wherever you are. 

You will be surprised by the amount of dirt which VR300 picks up.

One wipe - clean

Window cleaner Kobold VG100 for windows, mirrors, glass tables and other straight glass surfaces. Streak-free clean by wiping in straight lines. Easy preparation, easy disposal of dirty water. 

Optional extension pole allows cleaning windows up to 3m high.

Makes every home beautiful

Handy cleaner Kobold VC100S is light, stylish - and surprisingly powerful. With the nozzle set included it is suitable for cleaning many places and objects. 

The elegant design fits to every home.

At home in your kitchen

Electric kettle ritter fontana5 can heat water at 4 different temperatures.

The German Bauhaus inspired functional design: easy to handle, easy to maintain, safe and energy efficient.

More than just a toaster

Toaster ritter volcano5 can defrost and toast bread in one go. Bread once toasted can be warmed up again. Bakeries are made crispy on the expandable rack. For toasting, 10 alternative grades are available. 

The slim and elegant design is a true eye-catcher.

Excellent taste

Coffee machine ritter cafena5 combines excellent functionality with extraordinary design.​

The coffee will be brewed at the optimum temperature of 92 - 96 degree. The pot is highly isolated and keeps the coffee hot for up to 5 hours without additional heating. 

Small, quiet, powerful.

The powerful air purifier Ideal AP40 PRO  removes everything which pollutes your air - reliably and quietly. It stands out with its quiet running mode - just 16.7 dB(A) at quiet mode.  Nevertheless it is so powerful to exchange the entire room air within 11 minutes. The 360° filter with 5 layers captures both large and small particles, as well as gases and molecules. Overall, the cleaning performance is 99.99%. Therefore, Ideal AP40 PRO is recommended for allergy sufferers.  Certified by ECARF.

Welcome to our Tokyo Showroom

We are easy to reach. Just 3 minutes from Daikanyama station.

We call our showroom "Lebensraum" (the room for living). Our concept is NOT just to sell some products. We only offer products which we use ourselves daily. So, we give advise based upon our own experience. We will tell you openly our own judgement with all plus and all minus. And of course, you can touch and try yourself. 

So please come and judge for yourself. "Probieren geht über Studieren" (Better try practically than analyze theoretically).

More Information

Opening Hours

Monday10:00 - 18:00

Tuesday    ​​Closed

Wednesday  ​10:00 - 18:00

Thursday 10:00 - 18:00

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Saturday ​​11:00 - 18:00

Sunday ​11:00 - 18:00

Try before you buy

High quality products are quite some investment. And for some products it is difficult to judge whether they really work well in your specific living environment. One example are cleaning robots. Does the robot clean well in your home? Does he reach corners and edges? How does he manage with pet hair? Is there no problem with Wi-Fi? 

So, we highly recommend to try and test before buying. For our robot cleaner Kobold VR300 we offer 2 alternatives:

Free rental at our Tokyo Showroom

Come to our showroom, get all necessary information and take Kobold VR300 with you. After 2 weeks you return. Free of charge. No obligation.

Nationwide shipment from our Online Shop

You order the rental robot in our online shop. After 2 weeks you send it back. All shipping is included in the rental fee of 5,500 Yen (tax included).