Robot vacuum cleaner Kobold VR300

Clean. Whenever you want. 

Kobold VR300 autonomously cleans carpets and hard floors with exceptional precision using state-of-the-art navigation technology. With the help of its laser sensor, the robot creates a map of your home. With your smart device you can structure your home with no-go-lines and zones. Kobold VR300 will then systematically clean all reachable areas. Day after day. As often as you want. Even when you are not at home.
Interested? Rent and try Kobold VR300.

Under control

With your smart device all functions of Kobold VR300 can be operated. In addition you receive information about cleaning results and warnings/error messages plus instructions what to do. 

In case of a software update available, a push message will arrive. Upon your ok, the software will be updated automatically "over the air". Alternatively, the latest software can also be downloaded from our website. In this case you need a USB adapter (available in our online shop). For instructions follow this button.

Manual Software Update

First steps made easy

Beside unpacking and charging Kobold VR300, the first steps are:

  • Download the MyKobold App from the App Store or from Google Play.
  • Connect the robot with your local Wi-Fi, simply following the instructions on the App.
  • Create a map of your home. Start Kobold VR300 from the base station and let him clean your complete home (all doors open). After he returns to the base, you will receive a message that a map is available. Just save it.

​  You can create up to 3 different maps. ​

  • Now you can create no-go lines and zones, just with the tip of your finger.

For instructions to download MyKobold App and to connect with Wi-Fi, click the button.

Instructions for MyKobold App

Systematic and smart

Kobold VR300 has a unique combination of different sensors. The main navigation is by laser which rotates 360° and scans the environment 1,800 times per minute. The robot uses this information to make an exact map of your home. Transparent objects (glass) are identified by 3 ultrasonic sensors at the front bumper.

Kobold VR300 structures your rooms in 4m x 4m segments which he will clean one after the other. He will always move first along the edges/walls and then will clean inside the segment in straight lanes. Around obstacles he will move clock-wise.

Kobold VR300 will always know where he is within your home. So, in case he runs out of battery during cleaning, he will return to the base station to charge. After that he will continue cleaning exactly where he interruopted before.

Corners and edges

A special wall sensor guides Kobold VR300 close along the wall. Thus, all dirt can be captured by the side brush. Thanks to its D-shape, he can easily reach and clean corners.

In case Kobold VR300 should touch an obstacle, he has bumpers with contact sensors at the front and at the top .


3 drop sensors at the bottom prevent Kobold VR300 from falling down stairs. He will only move down thresholds up to 2cm.

On the other hand, a unique climb assist allows him to move to carpets up to 1.5 cm high and to other obstacles up to 2 cm high.

Clean when and how often you want

Set the timer and let Kobold VR300 clean when you are not at home. You are absolutely flexible in terms of days, times and frequency. You can also combine with zone cleaning and clean for example only the kitchen at a specific time.

So, enjoy a clean home when coming home.

Clean the cleaner

For maintaining a good hygiene, it is necessary to empty the dust box regularly. Kobold VR300 has no spacious and expensive disposal station. Instead, we recommend to very simply suck out the dustbox through the opening on the top with a conventional cleaner (ideally with filter bag). This is convenient and hygienic. 

Of course, you can also open the dust box and empty it the normal way.

Also the main brush has to be freed regularly from long hairs or threads tangled around.

Important to know


Size of body:       ​

Heigth 9 cm; length 43 cm; width 43 cm

Weight of the body:

4,200 g

Dust box volume:​ ​

​530 ml


100 – 240 V AC voltage, 50/60 Hz

Energy consumption:

70 Watt standard operation, 50 Watt eco mode

Noise emission:​

Normal mode: 70 dB(A) (measured on carpet)

Material: ​ ​ ​ ​

High-quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic


Maintenance-free DC motor

Main brush rotation speed:

1800 rpm (normal mode), 1200 rpm (eco mode)

Maximum air flow:

12 - 13 l/sec.


Rechargeable lithium-ion 14.4 V (replaceable)

Charging time:

Approximately 3 to 5 hours

Operating time:

Normal mode approx. 60 min; eco mode approx. 90 min

Wi-Fi standard bandwidth:

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n – 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz



Set contents:

Main body with dustbox, main brush, filter and side brush; base station with power cord

Warranty: ​ ​​

2 years

Price (tax included) ​:

139,700 yen (suggested retail price)

President's recommendations

Kobold VR300 can be operated without Wi-Fi connection. However, then only basic functions like on/off, return, eco/spot mode are avilable. And errors are only indicated by orange or red LED light. We definitively recommend to connect to Wi-Fi.

In Japan, the genkan with its rounded threshold often is a trap for Kobold VR300. The robot might move down, but cannot come up again. In this case, use the no-go line to prevent him from going down.