Coffee machine ritter cafena5

Good taste in every respect

Extraordinary design, extraordinary coffee taste.
If you love excellent drip coffee, if you like unconventional design, then ritter cafena5 is your coffee machine. Bauhaus inspired. Form follows function.

Just right

The water tank and the heater are located directly above the filter. So, the water temperature is between  92° and 96° when dropping on the grinded coffee. Just right for the optimum taste according to coffee experts.

You can brew between 2 and 8 cups (up to 1 liter). The amount of water needed can be easily judged form the scale inside the water tank. 

The coffee machine will switch off automatically when the water tank is empty.

The right filter

Filter size is 1x4. Good filter brands offer alternative filters. Depending on the speed, the coffee water is passing through the filter, the coffee will be milder or stronger.

The filter container can be removed easily for convenient and thorough cleaning.

Hot coffee for a long time

cafena's bottom plate does not contain any heater. Re-heating the coffee would destroy the taste.

Instead, the pot is excellently isolated. It will keep the coffee really hot for at least 5 hours.

Convenient: The pot's cover can be set to 3 positions: open (to remove the cover), close (coffee can still come in from the filter), half-open (for pouring coffee to a cup).

Energy efficient

Also the coffee machine ritter cafena5 got the Blue Angel certificate for being energy-efficient and thus protecting our climate.

Also good to know

For safety reasons ritter cafena5 is equipped with a 3-pole plug.

For your convenient use we add a 2-pole adapter.

3 colours

ritter cafena5 is available in white, black and red.

Important to know


Size:       ​

Width 17.5 cm; height 43.5 cm; depth 22 cm


3 kg


1 liter

Power consumption/Voltage:

​640 Watt/100V

Length of power cord: ​

Approximately 100 cm

Material: ​ ​ ​ ​

Heat resistant acrylic (surface); stainless steel (inside); polypropylene


2-pole adapter

Warranty: ​ ​​

1 year

Price (tax included) ​:

49,500 Yen (suggested retail price)

President's recommendation

There are quite some factors which influence coffee taste - beside the coffee beans and their degree of roasting of course. 

From our experience, the quality of the filter has a big influence on the taste. Without being able to mention a specifiic brand, we recommend a high quality filter. Another factor is the right balance of coffee and water (which we filter before using). Please try and find the ideal for your taste. Of course, for cafena the coffee beans should be not grinded too fine. We use a high quality hand-mill for grinding.

We also recommend before the first time use of cafena to make 2 "cleaning brews".