VB100 EBPB set

Basics for a clean home

Clean floors and a clean bedding are the basics for a clean, healthy home. Kobold VB100 EBPB set is made exactly for this. The clear, straightforward design focuses on the important functions and on a high suction performance. It is ergonomically optimised allowing to clean thoroughly, yet nearly effortless. And VB100 looks elegant and stylish.
Kobold VB100 is equipped with a 3-layer fleece filter bag which retains 99.99% of all allergenic particles. Therefore, it was certified by German test institute TŰV Nord as suitable for people suffering from allergies. 

Double motor principle

All main Kobold VB100 attachments have an own motor. So also the electric brush Kobold EBB100 and the mattress cleaner Kobold PBB100. Their brushes loosen the dirt which is then sucked in with the help of the main motor.

3 different power levels can be chosen. By default, Kobold VB100 will start with level "Med" which is an all-round level suitable for most cases. 

Do not touch, do not inhale

Kobold is using filter bags as especially allergic persons should never touch or inhale the dirt. FP100 filter bags consist of a 3-layers fleece which holds back fine dust as well as coarse dust. They retain 99.99% of allergy-causing house dust mite droppings and fine dust. At the same time air can easily circulate to ensure a high suction power.

When the 0.8 liter filter bag is full, it will just be removed and disposed. No additional cleaning is necessary - very easy, very hygienic. And inserting the new bag is equally easy.

Hygiene certified

Kobold VB100 and its filter bag FP100 were tested by the German Institute TŰV Nord and certified as suitable for allergic people.

Strong and flexible

The electric brush Kobold EBB100 can be used on all floor types. There are 3 brush modes selectable. Level "Normal" (the brushes are rotating with 1,800 revolutions per minute) is appropriate in most cases. Level "Turbo" (3,800 rpm) is for very dirty floors. The brushes can also be stopped completely when vacuuming long-hair carpets or fringes. For maintenance, the brushes can be easily taken out and inserted again.

Due to the very flexible joints, VB100 with EBB100 can be manoeuvred very conveniently. It is really fun to vacuum with Kobold VB100.

By the way: Also Kobold EBB100 is equipped with rolls. So, in most cases it is not necessary to carry VB100. Just roll it.

Power guaranteed

On the recommended setting (power level "Med", brush mode "Normal"), Kobold VB100 can be operated 30 minutes before re-charging the battery. When completely empty, charging will take up to 3 hours. For charging, the cable can be connected with the VB100 (with battery inside) or directly with the battery.

For charging or for exchanging, the battery can be fast and easily taken out from the VB100 body.

The battery is a high-quality Lithium-ion battery with a long life time. After 520 full charging cycles it still retains 80% of its capacity.

Healthy sleep

A healthy sleep is so important for our well-being. Therefore we love our cozy bed. 

But we are not alone. We share our bed with up to 1.5 million unwelcome beasts: dust mites. Futons and matrasses offer ideal conditions for dust mites. Human beings sweat up to 0.5 litres liquidity per night. Dust mites like warmth and humidity. Additionally, we feed them with plenty of dandruff.

We will never get completely rid of dust mites. If their number is smaller they will not present a big risk to our health. However, with an increasing number, their excrements can support house dust allergy. Thus, it is important to take care of thorough hygiene.

Brush vacuuming

Kobold PBB100 is for vacuuming mattresses, futons, cushions, bedding and upholstery. It has an integrated electric suction hose which is simply connected to the VB100 main body. The PBB100 works on the principle of brush vacuuming: first the counter-rotating brushes knock the dirt out of the fibres, then the dirt that has been loosened is immediately vacuumed up. Even hard-to-reach places are no problem. The suction opening at the narrow tip of the Kobold PBB100 offers centred suction power for thorough cleaning of upholstery cracks and narrow gaps.

Deep cleaning

Dirt on mattresses consists mainly of skin flakes, sweat, micro-organisms and mite excrement. This unpleasant mixture constantly rubs on the materials in the mattress, causing premature ageing. The mattress loses its support function. The service life of the mattress can be significantly increased with regular Kobold deep cleaning. This should be done at least twice per year.

For this only Kobold MP440 (an exchangeable attachment for Kobold PBB100) and the cleaning agent Lavenia are needed.  One bag of Lavenia (120g) is massaged into the mattress with Kobold MP440. This intensively deep-cleans and binds the dirt. After roughly 30 minutes Lavenia is vauumed up with Kobold PBB100. 

For pet and car owners

Kobold PBB100 is ideal for cleaning car seats or the trunk room. And it is very strong in vacuuming pet hair. Give it a try!

Important to know

VB100 main body

Size:       ​

Heigth 11 cm; width 11 cm; length 100 cm



Filter bag volume:​ ​



AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz

Electrical power without electronic accessory part or nozzle:

Level soft: 30 W; Level med: 80 W; Level max:  230 W

Max. air flow rate:

21 l/s

Noise emission:​

Carpet: 78 dB (A) re 1pW; hard floors: 79 dB (A) re 1 pW with Kobold EBB100

Material: ​ ​ ​ ​

High-quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic


Maintenance-free BLDC motor, 85,000 rpm


Charging time: Approximately 3 hours

Life span: 80% after approximately 520 full charging cycles


Size:       ​

Heigth 7 cm; width 25 cm; length 31 cm


1,200 g

Nominal power :

50 W (can only be used in combination with Kobold VB100)

Brush rotation speed:

Normal 1,800 rpm, Turbo 3,800 rpm

Working width:



Maintenance-free DC motor with approximately 17,000 rpm

PBB100 with integrated electric hose

Size:       ​

Heigth 11 cm; width 8 cm; length 150 cm


1,200 g

Nominal power :

35 W

Brush rotation speed:

2 counter-rotating round brushes, rotating at approx. 4000 rpm

Noise emission:

82 dB(A) re 1 pW sound power level with Kobold VB100 as per EN 60704-2-1 on upholstery


Maintenance-free DC motor

Warranty on all set elements: ​ ​​

2 years

Price for complete VB100 EBPB set (tax included) ​:

181,500 yen (suggested retail price)

President's recommendation

For every cordless cleaner, the battery running time is crucial. Kobold VB100 will work roughly 30 minutes with the recommended power level "Med". In many cases this is more than sufficient.

However, it is very convenient to have a second battery at hand - always charged. Especially if you should use the hard floor cleaner SPB100. The battery change is fast and easy.

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VB100 EBPB set

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