VB100 accessories

Clever ideas for effective cleaning

Kobold VB100 accessories are partly simple, but very clever tools for cleaning. They will help you effectively to clean above-floor - book shelves, lamps, air conditioning, pictures, and many more. Very important for having a truly hygienic home. 
The nozzles are identical with the VK200 accessories but the non-electrical hose Kobold SB100 is needed. We offer the 2 most popular nozzles, extension tube and the hose SB100 as an attractive set.

Soft nozzle SD15: So gentle

Soft nozzle Kobold SD15 is adjustable exactly to your needs. If pulled out, the bristles become very soft and are suitable for vacuuming the most delicate objects. Altogether 13 different levels can be chosen, just as required.

Vario nozzle VD15: Unbelievably flexible

Vario nozzle Kobold VD15 is so flexible that it gets even to hard-to-reach places. The flexible joint is 90° rotable and the pull-out extension is completely bendable. Thus, you can even vacuum behind a cupboard or other objects

And the drill dust catcher is fun and very helpful for DIY.

Telescopic tube TR15: 

No ladder needed

Attach the telescopic tube Kobold TR15 with the electric hose ESS200 on one side, and with soft nozzle SD15 or vario nozzle VD15 on the other side. Then you can reach conveniently high-up objects like lamps, curtain rods or air conditioning. It is not necessary to climb any ladder anymore.

TR15 can be flexibly extended as required.

Non-electric hose SB100: 

long and flexible

The hose Kobold SB100 is connecting the nozzles with the main body of VB100. 

And it gives freedom to move. Just place VB100 on the floor: with SB100, the extension tube TR15 and one of the nozzles attached, it is easy to clean nearly everywhere above the floor.

Radiator brush RA15: 

Clean gaps

Radiator brush Kobold RA15 is a nozzle to effectively clean the gaps between heating ribs or shutters. It is an optional attachment for the vario nozzle VD15.

VB100 selected accessory set:

a kit for cleaning many places

With the electric hose SB100, the extension tube TR15, the soft nozzle SD15 and the vario nozzle VD15 you have an universal set of accessories suitable for cleaning many places in your home. A very recommendable option for Kobold VB100.

President's recommendation

Kobold accessories tend to be underestimated. However, they can be used for vacuuming so many places. For example, use the slim vario nozzle Kobold VD15 for cleaning below heavy, low objects like fridges. They are heavy to move and to clean below. But Kobold VD15 fits in the narrow space beneath them.