Electric Kettle ritter fontana5 

At Home in Your Kitchen

Electric kettle ritter fontana5 - timeless, straightforward, Bauhaus-style design with a clear focus on functionality. Consideration was given even for the smallest details. Environmentally friendly. Of course: Made in Germany.

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Safety first

The heat resistant acrylic material prevents the surface from becoming dangerously hot. While the water is boiling, the kettle can be safely touched everywhere without getting burned.

Should the kettle be turned on without water inside, it will switch off automatically after a short time. All LED lights will blink as a warning.

The right temperature

For heating water, choose among 4 temperatures. The temperature chosen will be reached precisely and reliably. Perfect for an excellent tea.

Switching between the temperatures is possible anytime during the heating process.

Right-handed? Left-handed? 

It does not matter

The water level display is located on both sides of the handle. 

No matter which hand you use, the display can be seen easily.

Solid base

The kettle can be lifted easily from the base with the power cord. So it can be used freely.

Standing on the base, the kettle can be rotated 360°. So the kettle can be used from any angle.

Easy to maintain

The lid opens widely. So, the kettle can be cleaned easily inside.

For protecting our climate

ritter fontana5 was the first kettle world-wide to be granted the Blue Angel certificate for energy saving.

Also good to know

For safety reasons ritter fontana5 is equipped with a 3-pole plug.

For your convenient use we add a 2-pole adapter.

Two colours

ritter fontana5 is available in white and black.

Important to know

Size of the kettle:      

Width 22 cm; height 24.5 cm; depth 15 cm

Weight of the kettle:

1.3 kg



Power consumption/Voltage:

1000 Watt/100V

Length of power cord:

70 cm


Heat resistant acrylic (kettle surface); stainless steel (inside); polypropylene


2-pole adapter; second filter

Warranty: ​​

1 year

Price (tax included):

¥31,900 (suggested retail price)

President's recommendation

It is nice to heat water for a delicious tea at the optimum temperature. For further improving the taste, we recommend to filter tap water before usage.