Ideal AP PRO Filters

99.99% Clean Air

( Cleaning Performance of particle size 0,2 μm based on DIN 71460-1)

The Ideal AP40 PRO 360° 5-layer filter captures pollutants such as dust, particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5 and minor), pollen and acarid allergens, pathogens such as bacteria and mold spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes (also NO²), chemical vapours (Formaldehyde, Toluol, n-Butane, VOC,...) and odours from the indoor air.  Also the so-called MPPS (most penetrating particle size) are filtered. These are the most difficult to remove particles with a size of 0.1 to 0.3 micrometres. Overall, the cleaning performance is 99.99%. Therefore, Ideal AP40 PRO is recommended for allergy sufferers. Certified by ECARF.

Layer by Layer towards Clean Air

Each of the 5 layers of the 360° filter contributes to your pure air with a 99.99% cleaning performance (at 0.2μm in line with standard DIN 71460-1):

01 The pre-filter screen encompasses the 360° multilayer filter and removes dirt and debris such as hair, fluff and dust.

02 The pre-filter layer filters out the coarse particulate matter and extends the service life of the HEPA fine particulate filter.

03 The HEPA microfibre layer filters even respirable and ultra-fine particles (PM2.5, PM0.3).

04 The activated carbon layer neutralises even chemical substances, NO², ozone and the strongest of odours.

05 The cover layer protects the high proportion of activated carbon.

Maximum Cleaning Performance

PM10: 100%

PM2.5: 99.98%

MPPS0.3: 99.98%

(Ideal AP40 PRO Filter TFH 91-03: Cleaning performance measured at 100m³/hour based on DIN 71460-1; particle size from 0.19 to 9.33μm)

Optimized Airflow

Due to the optimized airflow also particles are captured which are farther away from the air purifier.

The clean, filtered air is distributed evenly in the room.

Certified Safety: Good for Your Health - Good for our Environment

As Ideal AP PRO filters do not contain paper, no chemicals substances are necessary for preventing mold spores. Thus Ideal air purifiers are hygienic and safe.

The energy efficient filter design ensures a long life of AP PRO air purifiers and saves energy.