Indoor air might be 100 times more polluted than the air outside

Health at Risk!

Most of us spend up to 90% of the time indoors. Thus, it is important to deeply think about the air we breathe in our rooms.
In our homes, there are multiple pollutants: fine dust, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, allergens, odours, etc. These can negatively impact our well-being, our power, our health. 

Fine Dust: Risks for Lungs, Heart, Artery

Fine dust is among the biggest threats for our health as it can intrude deeply into our respiratory system.

Being exposed to fine dust over a long period of time affects human health and reduces the life expectancy. Due to fine dust some 7 million people die world-wide per year. Fine dust causes cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks), respiratory diseases, lung cancer and strokes.

Fine Dust at Closer View

The smaller fine dust particles are, the deeper they might intrude into our body. Fine dust is classified in PM (particulate matter) and measured in micro meter (1μm = 0.001mm).

PM2.5 (particles smaller than 2.5μm) can intrude into bronchia, PM1 (smaller than 1μm) into alveoli and blood circulation.

Fine Dust Everywhere

Fine dust is produced everywhere: traffic, construction sites, power plants, factories, waste combustion, heating, cattle breeding, soil erosion, and many more.

So, opening the window and letting in fresh air is very often an illusion. Instead of fresh, the air is polluted.

We Take Care of Your Air

Air purifier Ideal AP40 PRO is the technical answer to the increasing pollution. Thanks to the specially developed 5-layer filter technology, overall 99.97% of all particles are filtered out.

This is especially important for the tiny, respirable so-called nano particles. They can deeply intrude in our respiratory system and even blood circuit. Ideal AP PRO filters eliminate 99.99% of 0.2μm particles (tested based on DIN 71460-1).

Allergies - a Widespread Disease

More and more people are suffering from allergies. They mostly react to several allergens: pet hair, pollen, house dust, mold spores etc. Such substances are inhaled or get on the mucous membranes of nose or eye.

Typical symptoms like swollen eyes, blocked nose, itching, sneezing fits are the consequence. 

99.99% Free of Allergens and Pollen

Thanks to its specially developed filter technology, air purifier Ideal AP40 PRO removes up to 99.99% of all pollen and allergens.

So, allergic symptoms can be reduced significantly.

Bacteria and Viruses: Small but Dangerous

They are so small that we can only see them with a microscope. Bacteria and viruses are everywhere, they spawn rapidly and can transmit diseases.

Bacteria are single-celled organisms whereas viruses are  infectious particles, not organisms. Viruses need host cells to survive and to spawn.

Beware! Infection!

Most commonly bacteria and viruses are transmitted through droplets. Pathogens will be ejected through tiny droplets when breathing, talking, sneezing or coughing. 

The smaller the droplets, the longer they remain in the air, up to several hours, even when the transmitter has left the room already.  We cannot see them and cannot prevent that they are spread in the whole room. Often they are additionally whirled around by air conditioners. 

So, we breathe them in and due to their small size they can deeply intrude into our respiratory system: We risk to get infected.

Clean Air is Safer

Air purifier Ideal AP40 PRO can decisively contribute to the clean indoor air. The specially developed 5-layer filters eliminate at least 99.97% of all particulate matters (tested based on DIN 71460-1). 

The room air is completely filtered several times per hour. Thus, the retention time of bacteria and viruses is substantially reduced and the risk for infection decreased.

Microplastics - The Underestimated Danger

Life without plastics is hardly imaginable. Plastics is everywhere. Increasingly, we are aware of the downsides: Widespread pollution of the sea which affects our drinking water and the whole food chain.

Yet we are not really aware of the air pollution through plastics, also indoors. According to scientific studies we inhale 130 small plastic particles per day. Sources might be synthetic textiles, bodycare products, toys, paint, and many more.

Why are Microplastics so Dangerous?

Microplastics are solid, insoluble synthetic polymer of 5mm to 0.001mm. They include primary microplastics (like granulate for cosmetics) and secondary ones through the disintegration of larger plastics parts.

They contain pollutants like phthalate, bisphenol A, etc. Due to their small size they can intrude deeply into our respiratory system and even into our blood circuit. The human body can hardly remove them anymore. Thus, they can cause cardiovascular diseases and harm our immune system.

Small Children are Especially in Danger!

The effects from microplastics are even more severe for small children. Compared with adults, they breathe double the amount of air relative to their weight. In addition, their immune system is not yet fully developped.

Ideal AP40 PRO filters Microplastics from the Air

The 5-layer AP PRO filter removes ultrafine particles as well as chemical substances and does not release them anymore to the environment. 

The HEPA fibres are made of environmentally friendly polypropylene which can metabolise germs and pathogens. As the filter does not contain paper, no chemical additives are necessary for preventing mold. The filters are hygienic and safe.