VK200 EBPB set

The standard for deep hygiene

You are concerned about a clean and healthy living environment? You or members of your family suffer from allergies? Then not only clean floors, but even more a clean bedding and clean upholstery is a must. 
For that, it is worthwhile to have a closer look at the homecare system Kobold VK200. The dirty air sucked in by the extraordinarily strong airflow will be firmly sealed in the tight filter system. 99.99% of all allergenic particles are retained. So, the air coming out again is truly clean - certified by German TŰV as suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Double motor power

The VK200 main motor is supported by a second motor of the attachment - whether you use the electric brush EB400 or the futon and mattress cleaner PB440. 

The motor-driven brushes of EB400 and PB440 will loosen the dirt so that VK200 with its strong motor can suck in a maximum of dirty air.

While cleaning, you have the choice of 4 different power levels. In "soft mode" the power consumption is just 75 Watt. This is German eco power.

Tightly sealed

The FP200 filter bags have 3 layers of fleece to hold back rough as well as fine dust. This modern filter technology also ensures that the air flow remains high, even when the filter bag is getting full. So, the suction power will remain strong.

Additionally, there is a tight closure of the filter bag opening. This will only open and let the dirty air in when Kobold VK200 is switched on. As soon as VK200 is switched off, the filter bag will be tightly closed.

With 2.2l the filter bag is quite big and can be used in normal households for at least 3 months before it has to be exchanged (indicated by an orange LED light). Odour pearls inside the filter bag prevent bad small during this long time of usage. For exchanging, you just take out the filter bag and dispose of it - very hygienic. No additional cleaning is necessary, and dirt will never be touched or inhaled. And inserting a new filter bag is very easy.


The independent German test institute TŰV Nord has checked the Kobold VK200 with its filter system and certified it as suitable for allergic persons.

Smart brush

The electric brush Kobold EB400 is suitable for all floors. It is equipped with a sensor which identifies the floor type and adjusts the suction power accordingly - optimal for cleaning but also for energy consumption. The LED light at the front shows the cleaning mode. There are also 3 manual power levels to choose from. If VK200 is too hard to move because of the high suction power, we recommend to choose "soft mode".

With its working width of 30cm and its flat design, EB400 works very efficiently and allows cleaning even under low furniture. 

The main brush "combs" the floor thoroughly but gently. The brush can be removed easily for cleaning.

Convenient in many details

Kobold VK200 is powerful and heavy. But in most cases it is not necessary to carry it. All Kobold attachments have rolls for convenient movement. And if exceptionally it is really necessary to carry VK200, we recommend to detach EB400 and carry VK200 in one hand and EB400 in the other. Then it is not so heavy anymore. 

There are many more details for a convenient use of VK200. The length of the handle can be adjusted to fit to user's size. Attachments can be attached/detached with the remote release near the handle to avoid bending down. For a small break VK200 can be set to a stable parking position with an energy-saving stop-start function. All this reflects nearly 100 years experience of producing Kobold cleaners.

Healthy sleep

A healthy sleep is so important for our well-being. Therefore we love our cozy bed. 

But we are not alone. We share our bed with up to 1.5 million unwelcome beasts: dust mites. Futons and matrasses offer ideal conditions for dust mites. Human beings sweat up to 0.5 litres liquidity per night. Dust mites like warmth and humidity. Additionally, we feed them with plenty of dandruff.

We will never get completely rid of dust mites. If their number is smaller they will not present a big risk to our health. However, with an increasing number, their excrements can support house dust allergy. Thus, it is important to take care of thorough hygiene.


Stubborn dirt, dust, mite excrement, pet hairs or lint - it does not matter: Nothing escapes the suction power of the Kobold PB440. The effective principle is called brush-vacuuming: 2 brushes counter-rotate with 4,000 revolutions per minute and vibrate the dirt out of the fibres. This released dirt is immediately vacuumed up. Thus, allergenic particles such as fine dust or mite excrements are loosened and reliably sucked in. So, Kobold PB440 helps to reduce the risk of asthma and sneezing attacks. 

Even difficult to reach spots do not pose a problem. The suction aperture on the pointed tip of the Kobold PB440 offers concentrated suction power for thorough cleaning of upholstery crevices and tight gaps.

Please note however, that PB440 is not suitable for leather or vinyl surfaces.

Ergonomic design

Kobold PB440 has a very user-friendly design. It is light and lies securely in your hand. The switch for on/off is conveniently placed in the electric hose.

Please note that Kobold PB440 can only be operated with the electric hose ESS200/150.

Deep cleaning

Dirt on mattresses consists mainly of skin flakes, sweat, micro-organisms and mite excrement. This unpleasant mixture constantly rubs on the materials in the mattress, causing premature ageing. The mattress loses its support function. The service life of the mattress can be significantly increased with regular Kobold deep cleaning. This should be done at least twice per year.

For this only the set of Kobold MP440 and Kobold MR440 is needed (both are exchangeable attachments for the Kobold PB440) as well as the cleaning agent Lavenia.

One bag of Lavenia (120g) is massaged into the mattress with Kobold MP440. This intensively deep-cleans and binds the dirt. After roughly 30 minutes Lavenia is vauumed up with Kobold MR440 (in case of delicate surfaces) or with the normal Kobold PB440. 

Lavenia is a specially developed powder for hygienic, deep-acting mattress cleaning. It frees you from allergenic substances such as house dust, mite droppings and mould spores. Lavenia contains only very mild substances.

Important to know


VK200 main body

Size:       ​

Heigth 15 cm; width 21 cm; length 85 - 109 cm


3 kg

Filter bag volume:​ ​

2.2 l


AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz

Nominal power with accessories :

700 W (max. 1100 W nominal power with accessories)

Electrical power without electronic accessory part or nozzle:

Level auto: 100–450 W; Level soft: 50 W; Level med: 300 W; Level max:  450–700 W

Max. air flow rate:

44.5 l/s (as per DIN EN 60312-1 / at 700 W)

Noise emission:​

78 dB(A) re 1 pW sound power level with Kobold EB400 as per EN 60704-2-1

Dust emission:

approx. 0.001 mg/ m³ as per EN 60312

Material: ​ ​ ​ ​

High-quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic


Maintenance-free reluctance motor, nominal speed 60,000 rpm


Size:       ​

Heigth 7 cm; width 30 cm; length 35 cm


1,800 g

Nominal power :

50 W (can only be used in combination with Kobold vacuum cleaners)

Brush rotation speed:

1,860 - 2,500 rpm (carpet mode), 800 rpm (hard floor mode)

Working width:

30 cm


Maintenance-free DC motor


Size:       ​

Heigth 11 cm; width 8 cm; length 25 cm


600 g

Nominal power :

50 W

Brush rotation speed:

2 counter-rotating round brushes, rotating at approx. 4000 rpm

Noise emission:

82 dB(A) re 1 pW sound power level with Kobold VK200 as per EN 60704-2-1 on upholstery


Maintenance-free DC motor

Warranty on all set elements: ​ ​​

3 years

Price for complete VK200 EBPB set (tax included) ​:

184,800 yen (suggested retail price)

President's recommendation

Kobold VK200 with EB400 is of course also very suitable for cleaning tatami. However, in this case the automatic floor detection of EB400 does not work. Instead, override the automatic floor detection by pressing the grey function button below the green on/off button. Doing this, you can manually switch between carpet and hard floor mode. For tatami we recommend hard floor mode.

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VK200 EBPB set

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