VK200 Mattress Cleaning Set


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    The VK200 mattress cleaning set is for deep-cleaning mattresses and futons.

    Dirt on mattresses consists mainly of skin flakes, sweat, micro-organisms and mite excrement. This unpleasant mixture constantly rubs on the materials in the mattress, causing premature ageing. The mattress loses its support function. The service life of the mattress can be significantly increased with regular Kobold deep-cleaning. This should be done at least twice per year.

    For this only the set of Kobold MP440 and Kobold MR440 is needed (both are exchangeable attachments for the Kobold PB440) as well as the cleaning agent Lavenia.

    One bag of Lavenia (120 g) is massaged into the mattress with Kobold MP440. This intensively deep-cleans and binds the dirt. After roughly 30 minutes Lavenia is vauumed up with Kobold MR440 (in case of delicate surfaces) or with the normal Kobold PB440. 

    Lavenia is a specially developed powder for hygienic, deep-acting mattress cleaning. It frees you from allergenic substances such as house dust, mite droppings and mould spores. Lavenia contains only very mild substances.

    The VK200 mattress cleaning set includes mattress freshener MP440, mattress nozzle MR440 and 6 bags (120 g each) of the cleaning agent Lavenia.