Kobold VK200 SP600 sets

Vacuuming and wiping hard floors

Not only people suffering from allergies prefer hard floors against carpets, because they are easier to keep clean. While this is true, they have one big disadvantage: When moving around, dust particles are easily stirred up and can be inhaled. Therefore, it is important not only to vacuum hard floors, but also to wipe them regularly. Ideally, every day.
Kobold SP600 offers a thorough and yet convenient solution: It vacuums and wipes at the same time. This reduces work and saves up to 50% of the time. And even stubborn, sticky dirt and grease are removed. SP600 is suitable for nearly all types of hard floors.

Sucking and wiping

When moving Kobold SP600 forward or backward, loose dust will be sucked in through the 2 suction channels in front of and behind the cloth.

At the same time the floor is wiped by the microfibre cloth MF600 which is mounted on an oscillating plate.

This reduces your effort and saves your time.

Thoroughly clean

Kobold MF600 is a high-tech microfibre cloth. One cloth contains over 600 km microfibre yarn. As the illustration demonstrates, the fine structure of the individual fibres creates a larger surface in comparison with other cleaning materials. This allows MF600 to absorb significantly more dirt.

Especially in summertime, high humidity in combination with fine dust creates a sticky film on the floor and on other surfaces. Kobold SP600 with MF600 nicely removes this. Just touch your floor before and after cleaning. You will sense the difference clearly.

For all hard floors

4 different moisture levels (dry, levels 1 to 3) allow to adjust to nearly every type of hard floor. They are indicated by the LED waves on Kobold SP600. Depending on the mode chosen, 30 ml of cleaning liquid will be released from the tank to the microfibre cloth in intervals of 50, 100, 150 seconds. You switch between the modes by pressing the grey function button conveniently located at the handle below the green on/off button.

Kobold SP600 is not suitable for rough concrete. For unsealed/untreated cork or wood floors the "dry mode" should be used (with optional dry cleaning cloth).

Preparation fast and easy

There are only 2 steps necessary before starting Kobold SP600:

  1. Fill just 3 ml of the cleaning agent "Koboclean" into the tank and fill up with water. Attach the tank to SP600.
  2. Attach the self-adhesive MF600 by just moving SP600 over the cloth.

Ready to start!

Easier than you think

Kobold SP600 is heavy. And it must be heavy to exert enough pressure on the floor to remove even stubborn dirt.

But do not be afraid. It is much easier to move than you might think. With its oscillating movements at 1,350 rpm, Kobold SP600 creates a gliding effect. So, the effort required to clean the floor is minimized. And thanks to the flexible joint, SP600 can be maneuvered easily.

And of course, it is not necessary anymore to carry heavy water buckets, to bend or knee down for cleaning or to exert excessive pressure to remove sticky dirt.

After care? Convenient!

After cleaning, the microfibre cloth Kobold MF600 is released by just pushing the release button by foot.

Kobold MF600 can be washed by hand or in the washing machine up to 60° (if possible). We recommend washing directly after usage.

Stay safe

Kobold SP600 is not designed for sucking up liquid. When nevertheless doing so, to prevent damage, a moisture sensor will open the safety flap at the side and SP600 will stop. Only after completely dried out, SP600 can be used again.

Cost effective and environmentally friendly

Imagine: Only 3 ml of detergent is necessary for 1 tank fill! And 260 ml of water. This is enough for cleaning up to 60 m²! So, one 500 ml bottle "Koboclean" will last for more than 150 tank fills! And "Koboclean" is biodegradable.

In addition, the microfibre cloth MF600 is extremely friction- and tear-resistant. So, it can be used for many cleaning sessions.

Light and flexible

We recommend using Kobold SP600 in combination with the hard floor nozzle Kobold HD60.

HD60 is light, flexible, yet very effective for vacuuming all hard floors. Owing to the flex joint it can be rotated 90° in both directions. So, it is very suitable for cleaning corners, narrow spaces and along edges. The nozzle has 2 separate suction channels for coarse dirt and for fine dirt.

Thus, Kobold HD60 is very nice for fast vacuuming in between.


Kobold SP600 sets come together with a package of 3 microfibre cloths MF600 and a 500 ml bottle of the cleaning agent Koboclean.

Important to know


Size:       ​

Height 10 cm; width 31 cm; length 37 cm


3,500 g


AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz

Nominal power:

100 W (can only be used in combination with Kobold vacuum cleaners)

Noise emission:

87dB(A) re 1pW sound power level with Kobold VK200 

based on EN 60704-2-1 on smooth tiles

Tank volume:

260 ml


Maintenance-free DC brushless motor


Size:       ​

Height 8.3 cm; width 28.6 cm; length 39.5 cm


900 g

Working width:

28.6 cm

Warranty on all set elements: ​ ​​

3 years

President's recommendation

Quite some of our customers use Kobold SP600 on tatami. With minimum water. If you want to use less water than level 1, we recommend the following: Start with level 1. Then switch to "dry mode" to stop releasing additional liquid to the cloth. Only if the cloth gets too dry, switch to level 1 again. Thus, you can prolong the intervals of liquid release. Just try your own optimum.

Do not use softener when washing the microfibre cloth. And do not use detergents with impregnating additives. This can damage the microfibres.

Your Choice

VK200 SP600 set

¥ 96,800

VK200 SP basic set

¥ 170,500

VK200 SPPB set

¥ 203,500

VK200 SPEB set

¥ 220,000

VK200 SPPBEB set

¥ 253,000

VK200 accessory select set

¥ 16,500