Terms & Conditions

Shipments & Orders

  • We only ship within Japan.
  • After we receive customer's order, we will send a confirmation email showing all relevant order details.
  • We usually ship by Yamato within 2 working days after receiving the order. Customer's delivery preferences will be respected as far as possible. However, the delivery date may be delayed due to transportation circumstances, weather conditions, etc.
  • Special shipping schedules may apply during the year-end and New Year holidays, Obon period, etc.
  • A sales contract will be concluded upon shipment of the products.
  • After shipment, we will send a notification email showing shipment details including the Yamato tracking number. Ownership of the product and thus the risk of loss is transferred to the customer at the time the product is shipped.

Payment methods

  • We accept payments by cash on delivery and credit card.
  • Acceptable credit cards are: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International.
  • Credit card payments can only be made with a card in the name of the person making the payment.
  • Credit card terms and conditions are subject to a separate agreement between the user and the card company.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused due to entering false credit card information, using someone else's credit card or any other unauthorized use of customer's credit card.
  • Personal information such as credit numbers is encrypted and transmitted using SSL.

Charges and fees applied

  • A shipping fee of ¥770 (tax included) per shipment is applied if the order value is below ¥5,500 (tax included).
  • For purchases totaling ¥5,500 yen (tax included) or more shipping is free of charge.
  • There is no charge for payment with cash on delivery.
  • After placing an order at our online shop, a confirmation email will be sent showing the total payment amount.


  • We are sorry. We do not issue receipts (because it would be a double issuing).
  • If payment is done by by credit card, the statement issued by the credit card company will serve as receipt.
  • If payment is done by cash on delivery, the receipt will be the cash on delivery receipt issued by the delivery company. This is an official receipt according to accounting laws and regulations recognized by the tax office.

Order cancellation from our side

In the following cases, we may not be able to accept customer's order or have to cancel the sales contract.

  • The ordered product is in short supply.
  • The product is sold at an incorrect price or other sales conditions due to mislabeling, system malfunction, or other reasons.
  • The order is deemed to have been placed by fraudulent means or for a fraudulent purpose.
  • We cannot contact the customer for more than a week due to customer's absence, etc.
  • If there are other unavoidable reasons.

If we are unable to accept customer's order or if we have to cancel the sales contract, we will process a refund of payments which were already done.

Order cancellation from customer's side/returns 

If the customer wishes to cancel an order, the following conditions apply:

  • Cancellations can be done via website (button "Contact Us") or via phone (0120-26-8888).
  • Cancellations until 1 day before shipment will be accepted without any condition.
  • Cancellations after that time are too late for stopping the shipment. Thus, the products have to be returned.
  • We will only accept returns under the following conditions:
  1. Product packages are not opened and are not damaged. Of course this means that products have not been used.
  2. Customer notifies us about the cancellation request within 7 days after receiving the products. After 7 days have passed, we cannot accept customer's cancellation.
  3.  In addition, if the product is damaged during the return, we may not be able to accept the return. So customer has to handle with care.
  4. Except for products that are initially defective or damaged during transportation, the customer is responsible for paying the return shipping costs.
  • We will process the refund of payments made within 2 weeks after receiving the returned products. Refund transfer fees will be borne by the customer.

Initial defects

  • In case a product malfunctions from the very first use, we will replace this product with a new one. 
  • We will accept defects as initial defect only if we are notified within 1 week after customer received the product. 
  • After 1 week, normal warranty regulations are applied. So, it is essential that customers check the products delivered as soon as possible after they received them.

After-sales service

  • For any request please approach us via our website ("Contact Us" button) or via phone (0120-26-8888).

Warranty Regulations

These warranty regulations define the scope of free repairs for the products bought. If necessary, they might be changed without prior notice. We will notify about any changes to the warranty details on our homepage.

  • The warranty period for our products varies from 1 to 3 years from the date of purchase. The exact warranty period for each product is shown on the product site under "Important to know" and on the warranty slip inserted with every main product sold. Attachments to Kobold VK200 and Kobold VB100 have the same warranty period as the main unit, also when bought as single items.
  • The warranty applies only to customers residing in Japan and to the use of the product within Japan.
  • If the product bought does not operate according to the specifications, it will be repaired free of charge during the warranty period. We reserve the right to exchange the defect product instead of repairing it.
  • The warranty covers technical fees for diagnosis, repair, adjustment, inspection, etc., costs for spare parts and auxiliary materials as well as the round trip shipping fees from customer's location in Japan to the repair center. For repairs, we may use recycled parts that meet our quality standards.
  • Free warranty repair will be granted if the product bought malfunctions within the warranty period despite normal use according to the instructions in the user manual or other paper or online documents made available. 
  • However, in the following cases, the free warranty will not apply even if the product is within the warranty period:
  1. Failure or damage caused by careless operation and by neglecting necessary care.
  2. If the product is not used as described in the user manual or in other paper or online documents made available. If the product is connected with equipments other than those specified by the manufacturer.
  3. If the product is used for purposes other than household use.
  4. If repairs or modifications are done in an improper way, such as use of non-genuine parts (parts made from a company other than the original manufacturer), incorrect disassembly or assembly performed by an unauthorised third party, repairs or modifications made by an unauthorised third party.
  5. Normal wear and tear such as fuses, filters and brushes. Scratches and other usage related, non-functional damages.
  6. Battery consumption due to normal use or reduced usage time due to progressed battery life. 
  7. Failures and damage caused by fire, natural disasters (earthquakes, wind and flood damage, lightning strikes, etc.), salt damage, etc.
  8. Usage with a power source other than AC 100V, 50/60Hz.
  9. Malfunctions and damage caused by relocation, transportation, dropping, etc. after purchase. 
  10. In the event of failure or damage caused by the installation location, customer usage environment, or management method (example: Malfunction due to dust, rust, mold, insect/small animal intrusion, etc.).
  11. Malfunction or damage due to improper storage (in a cold or hot and humid place) or improper maintenance.
  12. The cause of the failure is equipment or the connection with equipment not bought from us (e.g. communication/reception environment like router/Wi-Fi equipment or smart devices which do not meet the requirements).

Disclaimer: Our warranty is limited to the repair of the product purchased by the customer, and does not cover direct or indirect damage or incidental damage (loss of profits, etc.) caused by the use.

  • The warranty period of the product will not be extended by repairing or replacing parts. 
  • To receive warranty service for our products, information such as the serial number, date of purchase and store name is required. Please keep your purchase receipt, delivery slip, etc. in a safe place. We will not be able to grant free warranty repair if the purchasing date cannot be documented. 
  • We are exclusively selling new products. Thus, the purchasing date of the new product is relevant and documents showing the initial purchasing date have to be presented. We will not grant free warranty repair for products which were bought as used ones or as display/demonstration products.
  • Regulation of initial defects: In case a product malfunctions from the very first use, we will replace this product with a new one. We will accept defects as initial defect only if we are notified within 1 week after customer received the product. After 1 week normal warranty regulations are applied. So, it is essential that customers check the products delivered as soon as possible after they received them.