Kobosan (2.5kg)


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    Kobosan is a dry cleaning agent for deep-cleaning carpets. It removes from almost all carpets bacteria, mite droppings and mould spores to a significant extent and also binds greasy dirt. It is equipped with anti-soil formula and protects carpets against excessively fast contamination by dry dirt. It is solvent free and based on the renewable raw material of wood from sustainable cultivation and thus environmentally-friendly.

    For distributing either freshener or freshener kit is necessary. Freshener kit is a set of special brushes to be used with electric brushes Kobold ET340, EB350, EB360 and EB370. Freshener kit is not for use with the new electric brushes Kobold EB400 (VK200) and Kobold EBB100 (VB100). 

    This kit contains 5 packages of Kobosan which is 2.5 kg in total.

    Please consider also the 5 kg set and the carpet cleaning kit, both at favourable prices.