VD15 Vario Nozzle


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    Vario nozzle Kobold VD15 is for use with Kobold VK200, VK150, VK140 and VB100. It requires a hose to connect with the main cleaner. In case of Kobold VK200, VK150 and VK140 it requires the hose ESS200/150. In case of Kobold VB100 the hose SB100 is necessary.

    Vario nozzle Kobold VD15 is so flexible that it gets even to hard-to-reach places. The flexible joint is 90° rotable and the pull-out extension is completely bendable. Thus, you can even vacuum behind a cupboard or other objects.

    Kobold accessories are excellent for cleaning all kinds of objects above floor, such as air conditioning, book shelves, lamps, pictures and many more. We highly recommend to consider the accessory select set which includes the most popular and most useful nozzles. Please note that you need in all cases a hose to connect with the main body. For Kobold VB100 accessory set this hose is included in the set. For Kobold VK200, VK150 and VK140 you need additionally the hose ESS200/150: