VB100 EBPB Set


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    Kobold VB100 EBPB set is the basis for a clean home: Clean floors as well as clean bedding and upholstery. Kobold VB100 with the electric brush Kobold EBB100 is suitable for all floor types. Kobold PBB100 with integrated electric hose is for cleaning futons, mattresses, cushions, bedding, upholstery and similar objects.

    VB100 EBPB set includes

    • main body with Li-Ion battery and 1 filter bag FP100 inside, 
    • electric brush EBB100,
    • 5 additional filter bags FP100,
    • 2-in-1 nozzle,
    • AC adapter,
    • mattress and upholstery cleaner PBB100 with integrated electric hose.

    Customers who severely suffer from allergies or who are very keen on a hygienic home should consider Kobold VK200 EBPB set. The functionality is the same but Kobold VK200 is much more powerful and its filter bags are bigger and tighter. On the other hand VK200 is heavier and not as convenient to move as VB100: