Nation-wide rental of cleaning robot Kobold VR300

Order at online-shop (fee 5,500 incl. tax)
Conditions for renting cleaning robot Kobold VR300
  • The maximum rental period is 2 weeks. Please make sure to send back VR300 on time. The return date is noted on the rental sheet attached to the delivery.
  • The fee for renting is ¥ 5,500 including tax. This includes the Yamato round-trip shipping fee nation-wide (including Okinawa). The fee can only be paid by credit card when placing the order in our Online Shop.
  • We will try to meet your preference for delivery times. If there is a shortage of rental machines due to high demand, we will inform you as soon as possible.
  • The rental robot is not new, but it is a machine to be used exclusively for renting to customers. Before sending out, VR300 will be cleaned thoroughly and all relevant functionalities will be tested. There will be however small damages like scratches and the battery might not be at 100% capacity anymore. Nevertheless, the robot will work properly and will allow you to judge its performance. If exceptionally you experience a problem, please inform us without delay. We will try to find an approbriate solution.
  • The rental robot is exclusively for use in the home of the customer who ordered the rental in our Online Shop. It is not allowed to pass on VR300 to any other person outside the customer's household. It is also not allowed to disassemble, adjust, modify or repair VR300. 
  • Kobold VR300 has to be returned on time, complete, clean and without major damages. If parts are lost or equipment is damaged due to the use for other than the intended purpose or due to excessive use, intentional action or gross negligence, we will reserve the right to request compensation.
  • Except for cases caused by our intention or gross negligence, we will not be held responsible for any damage to the customer or any third party due to the ordering, usage, storage, delivery delay or incorrect delivery (including natural desasters, accidents, traffic jams, etc.).
Rental procedure
  • If you wish to rent Kobold VR300 please press the button to order in our Online Shop. Payment only by credit card.

 Go to Online Shop

  • You will receive a confirmation/thanks mail after placing the order and a delivery notice once the robot was shipped.
  • VR300 will be delivered with a "pretty box" packed into a brown outer box. Please keep the boxes for sending back the robot.
  • In the brown card box you will find a rental sheet. There the return date is stated and the elements included in the box.
  • Please check that you received all the items listed.
  • Please return Kobold VR300 on time according to the date shown on the rental sheet.
  • Check that you inserted all components listed on the rental sheet.
  • Use the brown outer box for shipment.
  • Use the inserted Yamato slip for sending back VR300. The delivery address is already printed on the slip. Please add your sender data.
  • We will confirm the proper arrival of VR300 per email.
  • There is no fuirther obligation from your side. In case you wish to purchase Kobold VR300, we send a 10% coupon code valid in our Online Shop.
Some advice for using Kobold VR300
  • After unpacking, please read the VR300 manual carefully.
  • Attach the side brush (it is fixed by a magnet), choose a location of the base station and connect VR300 with the base station.
  • Download the MyKobold App from the App store or from Google Play. This is easy but for safety's sake there is a paper description included in the VR300 package.
  • Connect VR300 to your local Wi-Fi by just following the instructions on the App. Also for this a paper description is included in the VR300 package.
  • Create a map of your home using the App. This is done by simply cleaning the whole home. Important is to start from the base station and to return to the base station. After returning, a message will appear on the smart device that a map is available. Save it. Now you can add no-go lines and zones to your map.
  • Now you can clean when and as often you want. We recommend to use the timer to schedule your cleaning sessions.
  • In case you run into problems or you have questions, please send a message using the "Contact" button.

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